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Air Movement Solutions - About Flakt Woods

About Flakt Woods
Flakt Woods Products

Flakt Woods has an enviable reputation for the design, manufacture and supply of high quality fans to the UK and International markets. Fläkt Woods is a well-established global player, with direct presence in 30 countries in Europe, Asia and the USA, and sales in over 75 countries every year.  With 26 industrial operations in Europe (13), Asia (5) and the USA (8) their knowledge and expertise are unrivalled

Woods are one of the longest established fan manufacturers in the UK and have been manufacturing fans in Colchester since 1909. Flakt Woods knowledge and reputation has been built up through a century of engineering innovation and development. This reflects an impressive track record that equips all their customers with the confidence that, whatever the need or application, Fläkt Woods can deliver the product, the performance and the service.

Woods 1930s Factory

The New Flakt Woods Factory opened in 2006.

The Woods name is synonymous with axial fans however their fan range is vast and covers all types of fans and air movement solutions for the H&V, OEM, industrial and specialist sectors.  As well as axial fans Flakt Woods manufacture centrifugal fans, mixed flow fans, high temperature smoke extract fans, car park ventilation fans, acoustic cabinet fans, roof fans and most other types of fans.  Flakt Woods also manufacture some interesting design solutions including the energy saving iFan, high temperature smoke extract fans and car park jet thrust fans. For more information please see the articles below.

You will find detailed information on the Flakt Woods Express range of fans within this web site however this is only a small part of their range and only covers the more commonly specified fans.  If you cannot find a fan that meets your requirements within the Flakt Woods Express Range please phone our sales staff and we will discuss your requirements and find the best solution for your specific application.

JJM Aerofoil High Temperature Smoke Extract Fans

Flakt Woods Axial fans for high temperature smoke extraction are available for European standard emergency categories 300°C and 400°C for 2 hours.

Built to the same high quality as standard JM fans, Flakt Woods Axial High Temperature fans also incorporate the features required by EN1201-3 for emergency smoke extract. The JM fans achieved the standard in 2004 and were the first axial fans in the world to qualify for this CE mark.

With decades of expertise in emergency powered ventilation, Flakt Woods high temperature axial fans offer guaranteed security for all your smoke extract applications.

  • Performance tested to ISO5801 Part 1 and AMCA approved
    Acoustic performance to BS848 Part 2

  • CE marked to EN1201-3 for high temperature extract

  • Available in temperature categories 300°C and 400°C for 2 hours

  • Can also run continuously in normal ambient air

  • Can be multi-staged for higher pressures

  • Note, all standard temperature JM fans are also suitable for high temperature emergency extract at temperatures up to 200°C for 2 hours

JiFan – Demand Ventilation

The new iFan is designed to offer environmental management through a controllable solution for the ventilation of Public, Commercial and Residential buildings, applying demand controlled ventilation ensuring optimum performance at minimum running costs.

  • Improved Environment
    iFan advanced ventilation control maintains improved indoor air quality, improved productivity and comfort quality.

  • Energy Saving
    The iFan, demand controlled solution, reduces ventilation running costs, energy consumption, maintenance and noise.

  • Increased Safety
    The iFan control system runs on low voltage SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) improving the safety of installers and users.

  • Simplified Installation
    The iFan sensors and switches are supplied with 10m of cable, a flexible gland terminated with a plug, simplifying and reducing the time and cost of safe installation.

  • Single Source
    All iFans are stand alone, and fully functional, ensuring operational responsibility is via one source.

  • Diagnostic Display
    The ICU has a LED screen to display all necessary values for setup, operation and maintenance.

  • Scope
    The iFan system from Flakt Woods offers a full range of box fans with integral intelligent control units and a range of switches, sensors, fittings and cabling to enable easy installation.

JCar Park Ventilation

Ducted systems are the traditional approach to enclosed car park ventilation, with fresh air levels based on a given number of air changes per hour.

Constant running of a ventilation system, even in extended periods of low, or even no traffic or ventilation requirement, results in high day to day running costs.

The solution is Flakt Woods Jet Thrust System. Ventilation can be designed using CO and LPG sensors monitoring system, so that selected fans only run when necessary.

Additional savings are gained because the main extract fans do not need to be oversized to cope with the system resistances found in ducted systems.

All our designs will be prepared to the customers requirements, to take into account the country regulations that apply. If required the Jet Thrust System can be designed to a traditional volumetric air change rate.

Flakt Woods realises the importance and possible life saving function of our Jet Thrust System and unlike many, offers full CFD modelling to every customer, on every project.

With over a 99% uptake by our customers, they too realise the importance of getting it right. CFD ensures system optimisation and, more importantly, that the patrons safety is not compromised.

Flakt Woods avoids the poor design or "guesstimates" used by some, and employs best practice CFD modelling methods. This avoids making a project unnecessarily expensive by using too many fans, or an under performing system by specifying too few.

The Flakt Woods Jet Thrust System is one of the most efficient and cost effective car park ventilation systems available on the market today. Both day-to-day pollution and emergency smoke are safely and effectively ventilated. Designed to the highest standards and meeting the most stringent criteria to ensure all design requirements are met.

  • High System Performance

  • Low Installation Costs

  • Low Running Costs

  • Optimizes Car Park space

  • CFD System Design

  • Complete Turnkey Package available

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