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Fan Coil Solutions - Sizes & Product Info

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Fan Coil Units: Sizes & Product Info
Matrix Fan Coil Units

When deciding which of Ability Projects fan coil units meets your requirements you need to ask yourself a few questions :

  1. Do I want horizontal or vertical units?  The Titan, Trojan, Atlas and Apollo units are all horizontal units and the Neptune range vertical. 

  2. If the answer to question 1 is horizontal you need to ask how deep is my ceiling void? The main difference between the four styles of horizontal units is their depth.  The Trojan has a similar depth to the Titan but is less versatile than the Trojan, has less features and is therefore more cost affective.

  3. Do I want AC, EC/DC or Matrix units.  EC/DC units use roughly 50% less energy, have infinitely variable speed control and double the life expectancy.  Matrix units use EC/DC motors however offer additional benefits.   See Matix features  below.


  Horizontal Vertical Depth Cased AC EC/DC Matrix Technical
Titan 260
Trojan 270
Atlas 235
Apollo 180
Neptune 235


The Titan unit is a horizontal chassis fan coil with an overall depth of 260mm.  The Titan is available in 8 model sizes with outputs up to 12Kw sensible cooling dependant upon system parameters.  Noise levels as low as NR25 can be achieved with Titan units.  The Titan is feature packed and offer great versatility.
Titan units are available as either  AC, EC/DC or Matrix.

The Trojan fan coil unit uses the same components and quality of construction as the Titan range and therefore offers similar performance.  The Trojan units has a more simplified construction with less options than the Titan which allows for easier construction and hence lower costs.  Overall depth 270mm.
Trojan units are available as either  AC, EC/DC or Matrix.

The Atlas unit is a horizontal chassis fan coil unit with an overall depth of 235mm.  The Atlas is available in eight sizes with sensible cooling outputs up to 10Kw.  The Atlas unit has been developed to suit projects where a slimmer than normal fan coil unit is required.

Atlas units are available as either  AC, EC/DC or Matrix.

The Apollo fan coil units are slim line 4-pipe horizontal chassis units with an overall height of only 180mm.  They are available in four sizes and have been designed to suit applications with very limited ceiling voids.
The Apollo range is currently only available with AC motors.

The Neptune range are vertical chassis or cased fan coil units and are available as with either 2 or 4 pipe coils.  They are manufactured in seven sizes covering a large range of duties.  The casing is only 235mm deep to suit the tightest situations.

Neptune units can be supplied with either AC or low energy EC/DC fans.

Unlike AC fan motors which have stepped fan speed adjustment, EC/DC fan motors are infinitely speed controlled by means of a simple and inexpensive potentiometer. This means that any EC unit can be set to give the exact Total Air Volume required with individual ducts being balanced in the normal way with VCDs.

Matrix Fan Coil Units