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Gilberts ( Blackpool) Limited has for a long time been one of the UKs most respected and trusted manufacturers of Grilles, Diffusers, Louvres and Smoke/Fire Dampers for the heating, ventilating and air conditioning industry. With the recent introduction of their Mistrale range of Natural Ventilation Systems they hope to duplicate this reputation in this new area of the building services market.

Gilberts (Blackpool) Ltd was originally established in 1961, by the present Chairman, Mr. GG Haslam. Gilberts started life as a manufacturer of Domestic Warm Air Heating Grilles but quickly added commercial aluminium Grilles, Diffusers and Louvres followed by Smoke/Fire Dampers, VAV and then most recently Natural Ventilation Systems.

Today therefore it is a true-multi product based company whose key product ranges are:

  • Grilles & Diffusers

  • Smoke, Fire and Volume Control Dampers

  • VAV Terminals

  • External and Architectural Louvres

  • Domestic Warm Air Grilles

  • Natural Ventilation Systems

Gilberts (Blackpool) Ltd have built their reputation on providing an extensive range of attractively styled and well engineered products at competitive prices.  Their range  includes both traditional products and innovative leading edge designs to provide attractive well engineered solutions for modern building services systems.

Gilbert’s  Air Movement Laboratory and latest CFD modelling facilities are also available to help test, prove and solve new or challenging designs, concepts or ideas.