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Angus-Air supply air to air heat recovery solutions to suit most applications.   Whether you are looking for a low profile void mounted unit or a large piggy back externally mounted unit we can find a solution for you from either Mitsubishi Lossnay, Air Design or Flakt Woods.

The Mitsubishi Lossnay units consist of a side by side unit containing filters, fans and a unique plate heat exchanger and are ideal for ceiling mounted applications.  Up to the LGH-100Rx4, which will supply approximately 300l/s @ 100Pa,  the Lossnay range is less than 400mm deep.  The LGH-150Rx4 and the LGH-200Rx4 take the range up to volumes in excess of 600l/s however these units are 800mm deep.

Flakt Woods manufacture a range of Mini Heat Recovery Air Handling Units which include the MiniAHU 60/30-20 side by side unit.  This unit is ideal when your volume exceeds 300l/s and you are looking for a void mounted unit, the 60/30-20 is only 360mm deep!

The Air Design range of heat recovery air handling units is more extensive than the Mitsubishi Lossnay range and can offer various different heat recovery solutions, Air Design heat recovery units can incorporate Thermal Wheels, Plate Heat Exchangers or Run Around Coils.  Air Design offer both standard heat recovery air handling units as detailed in their brochure and can also custom design heat recovery units to suit your project’s specific requirements.