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Low Energy Solutions

Within the Angus-Air portfolio there are numerous low energy products and concepts which can help the building services designer to meet his buildings energy consumption targets.  As these products be found in many of our product categories we have listed them all in this section to help make finding the right low energy solution for your building easier.

Gilberts Mistrale - Natural Ventilation Solutions

Natural ventilation, unlike mechanical fan forced ventilation, simply uses the naturally occurring pressure differential forces of air movement, wind and buoyancy to deliver a steady supply of fresh air for building ventilation and space cooling.  In an environment where energy conservation is at a premium this sounds ideal…and it is! Naturally ventilating a building actually offers the best of both worlds combining little or no energy consumption with low capital costs whilst still providing adequate fresh air and comfort temperature conditions throughout the year. Natural Ventilation Solutions

Flakt Woods - ifan Demand Ventilation

The Flakt Woods ifan range is designed to offer demand controlled ventilation for Public, Commercial and Residential buildings whilst providing optimum performance and reduced energy consumption.  The ifan range contains numerous fans, sensors, switches, valves, dampers and fittings to ensure the most flexible control strategy and reduce running costs. ifan Demand Control Ventilation, iFan Twin/Single/Mini Box, ifan Copford Direct  & Belt Drive, ifan JM Aerofoil, ifan Axcent 3, ifan Power Box, ifan accessories.

Ability Matrix EC/DC Fan Coil Units

EC/DC fans consume 50% less energy than standard AC motors however when these fans are controlled by the unique Matrix controller even greater savings are made.  The Matrix unit runs the fans at the minimum speed possible to meet the required load hence further reducing energy consumption.  The Matrix controller sets the fan speed to the defined minimum and varies the heating and cooling valve position to maintain the required room temperature only when the valve is fully open and the cooling or heating load is not being satisfied does the controller increase the fan speed.  By this simple action the fans rarely run at full speed hence conserving energy.
Matrix Section

Heat Recovery Solutions

Angus-Air supply air to air heat recovery solutions to suit most applications.   Whether you are looking for a low profile void mounted unit or a large piggy back externally mounted unit we can find a solution for you from either Mitsubishi Lossnay, Air Design or Flakt Woods. Heat Recovery Solutions