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Matrix Fan Coil Units

Matrix fan coil units outwardly are identical to standard AC or EC/DC horizontal chassis type fan coil units however due to an innovative design feature, the use of controllable high efficiency EC/DC fans and a unique control system the Matrix range is probably the most important innovation in fan coil unit design in the last twenty years. 

The key feature of the Matrix units is each low energy fully controllable EC/DC fan contained within the unit has its own supply plenum which is then ducted to an individual grille.  This feature means the air volumes to each grille can be commissioned and controlled by varying the fan speed and hence does away with the need for VCDs in the ductwork and allows the possibility of variable volume / variable temperature control.

If the Matrix controller is also employed commissioning can be carried out wirelessly from a laptop computer without the need to access the ceiling void.  This greatly reduces the commissioning time and obviously saves money.  One other feature of the Matrix controller is it’s ability to provide further energy savings by varying the fan speed to meet the heating / cooling load.

Matrix Features and Benefits :

  1. Low energy usage.  The Matrix units are fitted with fully controllable low energy EC/DC fans.  EC/DC fans use 50% less energy than traditional AC fans.

  2. Variable Volume / Variable Temperature Control.  The Matrix controller provides further energy savings by running the fans at the minimum speed necessary to meet the cooling / heating load.

  3. Removes the need for VCDs. The air volumes are commissioned by varying the individual fan speeds.

  4. Lower installed noise levels.  Due to the way the Matrix unit is controlled the fans only run at full design speed at peak load conditions.

  5. Wireless commissioning. Greatly reduced commissioning times are achieved as air side commissioning is carried out using a wirelessly connected laptop without the need to access the ceiling void.

  6. Reduced ceiling tile damage.

  7. Longer life.  EC/DC fan have twice the life expectancy of AC fans.

  8. Lower chilled water demand. 

The Matrix Concept

A Matrix fan coil is, to all outward appearance, the same as any other Ability fan coil unit.  However, the Matrix uses infinitely controllable and highly energy efficient EC/DC fans in combination with a unique control strategy that together provide a new and exciting fan coil solution. Read more …

Lapcast Wireless Communication

With Matrix, the Matrix controller and the accompanying software the air volume to each grille is accurately set and balanced through fan speed adjustment alone.  This is achieved via a wireless connection, no physical contact or access to the ceiling void is required.  Read more …

EcoTrack Seasonal Set Back

Generally most fan coil units run at a set speed at all times regardless of heating / cooling demand.  The Matrix controller, however, evaluates the demand at all times and varies the fan speed and therefore air volume to suit.  The Matrix unit runs the fans at the minimum speed possible at all times to meet the required load hence further reducing energy consumption.  Read more …

Therma Track Unoccupided Set Back

As standard the main Matrix control strategy contains a second layer of user definable parameters which govern how the unit should react when a room or a zone goes into an unoccupied condition.  The Matrix controller can be hard wired to its own PIR sensors or can be software linked to any other PIR that is being installed as part of the BMS system.  Read more …

Matrix Software

Read more about the unique Matrix software ….

Matrix Brochure

Download the complete Matrix brochure here.